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accounteerfaq.html is a complete, iCloud enabled rewrite of our popular home budgeting app, Bludget.

Create expenses, schedule events, see the same data on all devices.


Our most recent app, Amacolor can generate millions of random, mandala like patterns for you to colour. Use the patternator control to specify the complexity of your patterns.

Amacolor uses crisp vector graphics to display your patterns so they always look crisp and fresh no matter how far you zoom in.

For iPhone and iPad

New On the App Store - Hext


Hext adds text and simple shapes to your photos. Hext lets you change the text, set beautiful colors and line styles. It uses the same powerful vector library we implemented for Scrapmatic.

Simple and elegant, make your photos speak. For iPhone and iPad.

New on the App Store - Scrapmatic

scrapmatic icon

Out now on the App Store.Scrapmatic - A new way to share photos

Scrapmatic creates scrapbook pages from your photo album, or from the camera, automatically.

All you have to do is select the photos, Scrapmatic does the rest.


Allowabank Icon

Reward points added. These can be configured as you wish, with more points awarded for high value chores/behaviour.

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